The CLEAN9 Experience ...

Like most of us girls out there, I too obsess about my body weight most of the time.  That said, I am a relatively healthy person, I work out at least twice a week and have set goals at the gym that more often than not do meet.  I eat healthy (aside from my crazy occasional sugar craving ‘Nutella’). Do not drink cokes or sodas and limit my juice intakes to only freshly squeezed with lots of daily water consumption etc. 

But after having my baby few years ago I felt like I’m struggling to burn extra weight, something I never had an issue with before. I just do not feel comfortable with my own body if I put on extra couple of kilos!

So in my quest to make ME happy and feeling myself again just in time for summer, I decided to try something new and purchased the CLEAN9 box by ForeverLiving
I had heard about it and researched it, it is supposed to detox your body from all the toxins that are preventing it from absorbing the nutrient needed from your food while loosing some weight in the process during the period of 9 days.  And that is exactly what I was feeling when I decided to buy this product at 3am one night, bloated, uncomfortable and just plain not myself. 

So here I will share with you my experience with C9 as I go through it day by day… 

DAY 1: I have heard and read a lot about how horrible the taste of the Aloe Vera Gel drink to be consumed throughout the 9 days, especially the first 2 days where you only intake fluids and no food.  So as I got up at 6am I started with the Garcinia Plus Softgels followed by the Aloe Vera Gel 30 minutes after. 
I was prepared to be shocked and appalled from the taste (as one user described it, a mixture of wood, dust and old socks).  But I was surprised that it was not that bad, it is a weird taste but nothing disgusting! As you can imagine my relief, I moved to to the snack which was the fiber drink; tasteless and tolerable. And at lunch the taste of the chocolate shake was not the best, but still ok to handle, so overall the taste of the contents are do-able. 

That said, I did feel hungry come 12pm, I opted not to go for the free food options to test myself on how long I can last without food for the rest of day.  Also, because you consume so much fluids (including at least 8 glasses of water) I did not feel the crazy urge to eat anything solid. Lost 1 kg on the first day.

DAY 2: Hunger definitely was starting to hit but once the liquids were consumed I didn’t feel like food because it fills up your stomach. By the end of the day, I started to get really annoyed with the Aloe Vera Gel drink, it left a weird and uncomfortable after taste because it was consumed in considerable amounts the first 2 days, it is definitely something you’ll get sick of. Did a light few minute workout. Lost another 1 kg the second day. 

DAY 3:  Today is the day where you introduce one 600 calorie meal for dinner.. but the excitement didn’t stop me from staring to feel really fed up with the taste of the Aloe Vera Gel drink… the more you drink it the more it leaves a weird after taste which made me struggle to finish it. But the good news is that from Day 3 to Day 9 you only get to drink it once for breakfast.  The other drink in this program that started to make me think (I’ll never do this again in my life) was the fiber drink which you consume as a snack between breakfast and lunch. 
Did a 15 minute ab workout. Did not loose any weight on Day 3 :(

DAY 4: By now I could barely finish the morning Aloe Vera Gel drink and the fiber drink snack.  A feeling of being lighter and more comfortable is starting to show and I have more energy than when I first started the program.  I found that the chocolate protein drink will taste better when cold! Because I stayed up more than usual that night I had a very strong urge to munch on  something but kept fighting it with consuming water.  Did a 15 minute Ab workout. Lost 0.5 kg on the 4th day. 

DAY 5: Aloe Vera Gel taste not getting any better and I skipped the fiber snack drink. Hunger struck more than once on this day.  Did an hour long HIIT workout. Did not loose any weight on Day 5 :(

DAY 6: Struggled with the Aloe Vera Gel drink again and couldn’t finish it to the end, but did not skip on the fiber drink this time because I got real hungry by noon. When it came time for the 600 calorie meal, I did not feel the need to finish it.  I even don’t feel like snacking like I usually did previously.  Did a 15 minute Ab workout. Did not loose any weight on Day 6 :( 

DAY 7: No, she was right … it tastes worse than “wood, dust and old socks” I had to finish the last half of the Aloe Vera Gel drink via straw just to end my misery.  The Fiber drink now tastes like cardboard, never consumed cardboard in my life so I don’t know how I came to this conclusion but I know its true.  Did a 15 minute Ab workout. Did not loose any weight on Day 7!

DAY 8: By now I am looking forward to freedom, this program ends tomorrow, still very committed but hunger is hitting more often for me.  When I researched this program the idea was that the appetite decreases with time, but for me I’m getting hungry more often. Once it’s meal time though I do not feel the need to finish the entire thing. I did an hour and half of Tennis today as a workout.  Did not loose any weight on this day. 

DAY 9: I woke up looking forward to finishing this today, I had an hour of intense HIIT workout in the morning so by the time I finished I was already hungry. The Fiber drink helped to suppress my hunger a bit.  By 5pm I was already ready for the 600 calorie meal for dinner.  
Et Voila .. I did it, kinda proud of myself.  Now lets look at the final results. 


In the booklet provided with the program box, there’s a page where you record your body measurements and weight before you start the Cleanse 9 program. So here it is … in 9 days

Lost 5” off waist 
Lost 2” off Chest 
Lost 1” off Biceps
Lost 1” off Hips 
Lost 2.5 KG


If you are getting this program because you want to loose crazy amounts of weight, do not bet on it.  It differs for each person, I was hoping to loose more than 2.5KG according to what I read and heard from other users, some lost as much as 6KGs.  The main reason for getting it should be cleansing your body for a fresh start; your energy is increased, your skin feels and looks better and you feel lighter with the help of the natural ingredients included in the C9 Box. You also will need to work out during the 9 days as the booklet includes you working out for 30 minutes each morning.  Please read the instructions carefully and consult with your doctor if you should do this program before purchasing, it is not for everyone. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle always, drink warm water with lemon slices each morning, it will help you detox and keep your stomach fat under control.




The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner, it brings a feeling like no other and the home atmosphere should reflect how unique and cozy it really is.  Here are some home decor inspirations to celebrate and embrace this joyous month. 

Ramadan Mubarak :)

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