Objects Designed for Children with Autism

Paula Lorence 

Paula Lorene created a collection of objects to aid children with autism spectrum disorders with their sensory development.

Paula Lorence 

The collection includes twelve objects made from various types of materials that are made to produce different tactile sensations when they are touched by children.

Paula Lorence 

Such objects are to be used during therapy sessions, which includes the stimulation of touch and texture which soothes anxiety and helps with focus.

The designer separated the objects into three levels, the firs is for  children who are particularly sensitive, the second is for those who are more developed and are able to manage stronger tactile simulations and the last is used for children who have anxiety and panic attacks.

Paula Lorence 

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Infinity Stairs by Balint Alvoits

Time Machine photography series by Hungarian photographer Balint Alvoits feature staircases in Bauhaus and art-deco buildings in Budapest.  

The photographer spent months searching the city for staircases and produced these twisting images. 

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Mirrored House by Doug Aitken

Photography is by Doug Aitken Workshop

Artist Doug Atiken created a house shaped mirror installation inside one of the historic buildings in Detroit, Michigan built in 1900.  The highly reflective nature of the design acts as a complementary contrast with the white marble walls and architectural details of the original bank building.

Photography is by Doug Aitken Workshop

The installation is located inside a grand room that spans an entire city block with historic doors and high marble ceilings.  The pavilion made entirely of mirrors follows the design of a one story L-shaped residential structure.

Photography is by Doug Aitken Workshop

Open until February 2019, Mirage Detroit is the latest of Aitken's mirrored house-like installations.

Photography is by Doug Aitken Workshop
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Oct.25th ... International Artist's Day

On International Artist's Day, here are some flashbacks of some the most influential Art Pieces  ....

Claude Monet - Landscapes near Montecarlo 

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait

Jackson Pollock - Convergence 

Leonardo Da Vinci - Salvator Mundi

Salvador Dali - The Temptation of St. Anthony 

Vincent Van Gogh - Self Portrait

Yayoi Kusama - Infinity 


Archi Halloween Costumes

Because Architects do it differently, here are some ideas for this Halloween!

Source: Archdaily  & Pinterest